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What is GIVES-21?

GIVES-21 is the largest global IBD incidence study to date graciously and generously supported by the The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust. The epidemiological data will be visualized in an online interactive atlas . A team of IBD experts includes Dr. Siew Ng and Dr. Joyce Mak from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. Gil Kaplan from the University of Calgary and Dr. Rupa Banerjee from AIG collaborates with international IBD experts to investigate IBD incidence, disease burden and environmental risk factors in regions where data is sparse.

What does it entail?

GIVES-21 is a one-year inception cohort study where new IBD cases will be recruited and be matched with healthy controls on 1:2 ratio. Patients with IBD will have 3 research visits over the span of 1 year.

What does it offer?

  1. Investigate the local incidence with all necessary study tools provided

  2. Publication and Authorship

  3. Team up with a global network of IBD experts

I’m interested!
How to be involved?

Gastroenterologists who are interested and able to meet the following requirement are welcome to join GIVES-21.

  • Define a catchment area that has low migration rate and relatively geographically isolated within the country. I.e. the population is relatively separated and stable to ensure accuracy of incidence.

  • Connect with local gastroenterologists to capture incidence cases within the defined catchment area that covers at least 70% of the population.

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The International Team of GIVES-21 Investigators Around the World


to become part of the driving force of the largest IBD epidemiological study to date

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